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Mercurial Connections commenced in 2003, with a vision to provide quality Astrological Education, via workshops, seminars and consultations.

Today through both Evolutionary and Psychological Astrological practise we are committed to  providing clear vision and techniques, that enable authenticity and growth.

Astrology is a language of the soul, and is a key to understanding the many of the threads of the universe. It is our intention to develop this website and our teachings for the continuing awareness that Astrology brings.

Lisa and Christine Welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have whilst visiting our site and look forward to updating you with Astrological news and information


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New Moon in Cancer…

The new moon is a wonderful time to “plant new seeds” in the form of rituals affirmation and intent.  This month the new moon in Cancer can provide us with opportunities around nurturing, gentleness, acknowledgment of feelings, getting in touch with our intuition… just to name a few areas we can focus on. “I put myself first and attend to my needs in a loving a caring way” may be one of your affirmations for this month.

Look at where this new moon will fall in your chart, as this will be another facet of the energy carried with the intent across the next month…

The full moon will be Friday 31st July


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A great time was had with our eap family ... ...

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Its countdown time till AAP Neptune seminar commences.... What do you have at 9 23 degrees ? As Neptune moves through Pisces its a time for reflection and letting go ... Feel free to share on Neptune and its impact on you .... ...

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Our study groups are now ready, we are currently adding members and will be posting our first charts in the near future for both the Mercurial Connections AAP and EAP groups ... stay tuned ! ...

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The next new moon on Thursday the 16th July .... Will see the launch of our new website, newsletter & study groups.... We will let you know when we're live .... Take a look and let us know your thoughts and feedback ! Cheers....Lisa & Christine ...

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