Australian Apprenticeship Programme

Australian Apprenticeship Program 2018

Steven Forrest – Evolutionary Astrological Studies


Monday July 30th – Friday 3rd August

Port Stephens – NSW – Australia

We are excited to announce this very special topic, full details will be posted in the next few days…

Program Content – “Aspect Intensive”

Aspects are astrological bedrock. But like so much else in the system we’ve inherited, there is a need to find new language for them. What are the words that speak truly and effectively to humans in an age of psychology, quantum mechanics, and revolution in almost every category of experience? Surely it goes beyond Saturn squares your Venus so you will be unlucky in love.

Aspects are one way that we weave the chart together. In this meeting of the Apprenticeship Program, we will concentrate on deepening our skills in understanding them. These critical geometric relationships help us remember that, while you have many planets, you have only one head between your ears. In this intensive, our guiding  principle will be that all aspects are about integration. With this idea in view, we will attempt to replace the outdated notion of “good” and “bad” aspects with a more sophisticated perspective. So‑called “bad” aspects are still about two planetary energies trying to come together to serve some larger purpose. The only difference between them and the “good” ones is that the integrative process is harder. With the easier aspects, the integrative process does often flow more easily—but it might also lack motivation or impetus.

In this presentation, Steven will focus on the most energetic and critical aspects—the so‑called Ptolemaic or Major ones: the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. But we will also spend some time exploring the fascinating and underrated quincunx as well as the magical, creative quintiles and bi-quintiles. We will complete our picture with a look at the sesquiquadrate and semi-square, which are so central to lunar phase theory, but generally otherwise ignored.

Our general plan for the class will be to spend a couple of days working with the theory and principles, then apply them in practical terms by reaching into the Sorting Hat and working with the charts of volunteers from among the attendees.

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About the Australian Apprenticeship Program

This apprenticeship program provides a practical education in client centred evolutionary astrological counseling, it runs in Port Stephens every August for one week with a new topic each year. This process is inseparable from a commitment to one’s own personal and spiritual growth.  Both aims are incorporated into Steve’s teaching.  Students of life not wishing to attain a professional practice are most welcomed, and any of the seminars are designed to be done individually to the certificate.

Level 1 certificate is awarded after the student has attended 3 by 5 day programs. and then qualifies for a listing on Steve’s website.
Level 2 certificates after 6 by 5 day programs, please note any programs already completed will count toward this certificate level.

The Apprenticeship program commenced in Australia in April  2007, and this year sees us celebrate our 8th successive year in Australia. Lisa and Christine head Mercurial Connections, and co ordinate Steve’s Program here in Australia & in Europe since 2012, we  are excited too now provide participants throughout Europe with easy accessibility to the program. Any information you need or questions you may have, we are here to be of service to you and the continual growth of the program and evolutionary astrology.


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