Audio Recording & Books

The Australian & European Apprentices Program recordings are available for purchase to Participants only, all confidentiality conditions apply as outlined during the programs.  (program content runs for approximately 41 hours per program)

Programs currently available

The Principles of Evolutionary Astrology

During this program, Steven share the foundation principles of what is Evolutionary Astrology, and works through the process of working with the chart from the nodal perspective, the evolutionary way…. 

Love & Mischief – The Composite Chart

When looking at the composite chart, (the entity created when 2 people come together in the same shared space) Many parts must be considered.  This weeks looks at what to consider when working with couples and the relationship formed and their karma together.

Transits & Progressions

At any given time from the moment of our birth, we are stimulated by the transits as they weave their way across our natal chart.  During this program Transits are progressions are under the microscope, as above so below.

Working with the client

We know our time is valuable when sitting with our clients, and we always want to make the most of the time we have by making sure we talk our clients language.  Steven guides us just how we may approach the many people we may meet in the counselling room.

Dreaming the Volcano

An incredible week of following the planetary aspect patterns of the pluto and uranus and ingress of Neptune into its own sign.  How does this impact not just us as individuals but the impact on society and the collective… Brilliant !

The Moon

The Moon is so multi faceted, this wonderful week reflects the Lunar importance in the chart.  Working with the moon from an evolutionary perspective is enlightening, during this week Steven puts light on out of bounds moon as well as many other pieces that makes working with the moon so magical.

Sex, Death and the Occult

Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house will be the domain during this weeks program. Confronting, dramatic and powerful, a real journey into the underworld.

Constructing the Nodal Story

This week focuses on building the nodal story of the chart, a wonderful opportunity to working with the chart in a story telling way, that goes straight to the heart of the souls journey.

Neptune…. Ecstasy, Transcendence & Delusion

Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house, are the focus for this program.  Totally inspiring…

Chart Synthesis & Presentation

So many people that have been studying astrology for years, still find it difficult when sitting down with a chart how to get to the heart of the matter.  During this weeks program, Steven will navigate the many ways to present and work with the chart, a must hear !

All of the above programs cost $95 plus postage & handeling

An Introduction to the Principles of Evolutionary Astrology.

This 2 day workshop, lays down the foundation principles of what is evolutionary astrology and a wonderful introduction into the techniques of looking at the chart from a nodal perspective 

This 2 day recording cost $55.00 plus postage and handeling

Books and Cards

1. Celestial Tarot

This is a comprehensive guide to the major and minor constellations, the decans and astrological symbols that are included in Celestial Tarot. The book will also serve as an in-depth guide to the myths of the heavens.
Deck $ 45
Book $ 25
Book/Deck $ 65


2. Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

52 beautifully designed and presented images of the goddess to be used imaginatively for guidance and wisdom. These cards were developed by KaySteventon and Brian Clark.

$40 per pack


3. The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

How to make wiser choices for a more fulfilling life. In this book you can use astrology to uncover YOUR “inner sky”, the inner potential within you. Learn to make the most of your opportunities, overcome challenges with more creativity and be able to look for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

Our Price $23.00


4. The Changing Sky by Steven Forrest

You already hold the key to the stars. A practical guide to the New Predictive Astrology. In this book Steve describes how modern predictive astrology is about helping people to make choices within the astrological environment. The planets hold the cards; you hold the rest. Through understanding the psychological terrain astrology can help in creating your own future.
Our Price  $33.00


5. Yesterday’s Sky by Steven Forrest

Astrology and Reincarnation. Explore the chart behind your chart. This hidden chart carries the treasures of your wounds, carried from a prior lifetime. Discover your evolutionary journey and understand why you have the chart your have today.
Our Price $28.00


6. The Book of the Moon by Steven Forrest

Discovering Astrology’s Lost Dimension. The Sun may be brighter, but the Moon makes up for this by being mysterious and strange. In Steve’s latest book he guides us through the lunar phases and reveals all the latest information on this powerful energy in our chart. He demonstrates how our Celtic ancestors held the key to understanding the moon and its phases, helping us unlock the potential it holds.
Our Price $ 43.00


7. The Book of Pluto by Steven Forrest

Turning Darkness to Wisdom with Astrology. In this book Pluto is interpreted through house, sign and aspect with both compassion and wisdom. How rich to discover the gift of Pluto within our chart, shining light on this planet often seen as dark.
Our Price $32.00


8. Skymates II: The Composite Chart by Steven Forrest & Jodie Forrest

This is a book about the astrology of a composite chart. In this book you can get a head start in interpreting your own composite chart by simply looking up the meaning of the planer in any sign or house, plus the moons nodes. But this book speaks from a deeper perspective. Look at how composite charts tell us about two people, how they see each other and how they interact. When two souls connect something bigger than themselves is born, something new is created.
Our Price $45.00