European Apprenticeship Programme

European  Apprenticeship Program 2017

Steven Forrest – Evolutionary Astrological Studies

We are very happy to announce that EAP 2017 to be held at Moltrasio, Lake Como, Italy    

“Sex, Death and The Occult”

Wednesday April 19th to Sunday April 25th 2017

Program Content – 2017 – “Sex, Death and The Occult”…

People inevitable make jokes when they hear that an edition of the Apprenticeship Program will be entitled “Sex, Death and The Occult”.  And that is fine – some dimensions of life impact us with such fierce intensity at the emotional level that we must use humor as a buffer against them.  To be sure, in this five day class, we will laugh.  We will laugh at human folly and we will laugh at deaths ultimate frailty.  But we will also explore some very sensitive terrain – terrain that is not for the faint hearted. In fact Steven views some of this material as so sensitive that he never teaches it outside the more intimate confines of the AP.

Death comes to everyone, but how we prepare for it ? In many traditions, it is not simply “the end” but rather the greatest evolutionary challenge – and opportunity of ones life.  What face might death present to us personally ?

We will not be attempting to determine the date of ones death – a dubious enterprise from both practical and ethical perspectives – but rather to help ourselves and our raver clients in the life long task of preparing for it.

Halfway between the province of psychology and transcendent mysticism lies the realm of the “Occult”.  Here, the evolving consciousness encounters powers normally latent in the mind:  magic, divination, healing.  How might the birth chart cast light on these esoteric matters?  How might the evolutionary astrologer, working with spiritually, sophisticated clients.  wrestle with these possibilities?  Completing our survey of this eighth house terrain, we consider the deeper and more conscious aspects of sacred sexuality.  Among other possibilities, such sexuality emerges as one method of gathering the energy needed for “occult” work and for conscious dying.  In this context, sexuality embraces certain experiences connected with having a partner, but also a broader “Erotic” relationship with both Nature and Supernature.


“What is Evolutionary Astrology” – Hear what Steve has to say…

About the European Apprenticeship Program

This apprenticeship program provides a practical education in client centered evolutionary astrological counselling.  This process is inseparable from a commitment to one’s own personal and spiritual growth.  Both aims are incorporated into Steve’s teaching.  Students of life not wishing to attain a professional practice are most welcomed, and any of the seminars are designed to be done individually to the certificate.

Level 1 certificate is awarded after the student has attended 3 by 5 day programs. and then qualifies for a listing on Steve’s website.
Level 2 certificates after 6 by 5 day programs, please note any programs already completed will count toward this certificate level.

The apprenticeship program commenced in Australia in April  2007, and this year sees us celebrate our 7th successive year. Lisa and Christine head Mercurial Connections, and co ordinate Steve’s Program here in Australia, & are excited too now provide participants throughout Europe with easy accessibility to the program. Any information you need or questions you may have, we are here to be of service to you and the continual growth of the program and evolutionary astrology.

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary astrology integrates ancient metaphysics and modern psychology. In the light of that fusion, even something as simple as “being a Gemini” takes on far deeper meaning.  [alt] The symbols no longer simply describe you. Instead they speak clearly and challengingly of your path through life—and of its pitfalls.

Freedom and choice dominate the system. Symbolism is read in an open-ended way, with a guiding spiritual purpose underlying each configuration however vexing it might seem.

Nothing is inherently static or stuck. In the light of the idea of reincarnation, every planet and point in the chart represents a pre-existing dilemma, far older than your birth certificate. Each one also promises a possible resolution of that dilemma.

In practice, evolutionary astrology depends upon the dynamic interaction of two simultaneous astrological perspectives. First, we learn to read “the chart behind the chart,” which is to say, we grasp the predicament of the soul based on unresolved prior-life experiences This technique depends heavily on an analysis of the lunar nodes, their rulers, and planets in aspect to them.

As we take our conventional “delineations” into this evolutionary context, we move beyond “description” into “prescription.” We marry the power and honesty of present-tense humanistic psychology to the wisdom traditions which have been mostly lost in modern culture.

Second, we use a more familiar astro-psychological approach in order to understand the present personality—but we interpret that personality and its dramas as a tool which the soul is using in order to achieve its higher evolutionary aims. As we take our conventional “delineations” into this evolutionary context, we move beyond “description” into “prescription.” We marry the power and honesty of present-tense humanistic psychology to the wisdom traditions which have been mostly lost in modern culture.

Stevens Website –

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We return to the Hotel Posta to the beautiful back drop of Moltrasio, Lake Como.  Magnificent home cooked food and the Lake at our doorstep, this 17th century building is run by a wonderful Italian family offering true Italian hospitality across 3 generations, and will be our home for the week.